Lots of work ahead in the next five weeks. And a 6-8 pager. Exciting.

(Can I please just move to France, away from my computer so I can reread Jane Eyre and maybe The Immortal Rules and The Paris Wife?)

Merci beaucoup. xx

This could be very bad or very good. 

So I’m off to class in a few to have my professor tell me I’m wrong. Great.

A tout a l’heure! xx

Working on my rough draft for my (slightly feminist) ARH411 paper due tomorrow in 12 hours. 

So far:

Hume, Kant, Bonheur, Monet.

Coming soon:

Tolstoy, Aristotle, and a yet to be decided artist.

1,109 words down, however many more it takes me to get to 7 1/2 pages to go!

Also, I’m a big fan of tonight.

When a professor approves suggests a topic for a term paper, and then when I turn in a thesis statement after doing some research, she completely disregards her previous suggestion and tells me it has nothing to do with the course and tells me to start over.

It’s all Greek to me! Okay, not really, but I really just want this midterm to be straightforward. As it will be my last midterm ever. :) :)